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JC Jaw Crusher

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JC Jaw Crusher

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Product Introduction

JC jaw crusher is specially designed for crushing the hardest feeding materials.It has been proved that in thousands of mines, quarry, recycling and industrial use, it has excellent operational reliability and productive capacity.JC jaw crusher can be used as the main equipment in the process.

The device is a best production capacity and cost-effectiveness rough crusher.They originally designed for the hardest minerals and rocks.Therefore,In the operating conditions of a quarry or mine use,they can also be trouble-free operation.And in the relatively good operating environment, such as broken soft rock, recycling and slag, the performance of it is more excellent.

The equipment can achieve the highest yield with the lowest operating cost.Excellent reliability, combined with optimal performance, low operating cost and conveninet maintenance  , can ensure the best benefit in coarse crushing.

•Use revolutionary modular,no welding frame structure ,the design gives its excellent resistance to fatigue strength ,reliability,and security;
•Adopting sacrificial wear parts to protect the anticipated wear areas or replacement parts makes it convenient maintenance,good benefit,long service life guarteed a longer running time ;
•The compact modular structure makes it easy to install and saves the installation time and cost;
•Strong jaw movement and crushing cavity at the bottom of yhe long eccentricity guaranteed the maximum output capacity and crushing ratio.

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