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VSW Sand Tailings Recycler

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VSW Sand Tailings Recycler

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1. The sand water is utilized to wash mud and dewater of the manufactured sand in the traditional wet processing technology, but the losses of fine sand of the manufactured sand almost cannot be controlled. However, utilizing the SS series fine sand collecting system can effectively reduce the fine sand loss, controlling it in the scope of 5~10% and successfully solves the problems, which refers to the fineness module of finished sand being partially high, while the power content be low in aggregate processing system.
2. The vibrating screen adopts polyurethane, which compared with other ones, has longer life and uneasy to be blocked.
3. The cyclone is lined with polyurethane, which lengthens the whole device service life and can smoothly finished the work of condensing slime and clearing the liquid etc.
4. The maximum recovering quantity of fine particle materials from the total discharge amount is 85%, so it has unsurpassed technology and economic advantages compared with other equipment.
5. The fine sand is recovered sufficiently, which reduces the sedimentation basin workload and lower its disposal cost.
6. Lessening natural stock time of the fine sand and able to transfer them directly and supply the market.
7. We can design corresponding solutions according to our customers’ different requirements.

Working principle
1. Structure: it is mainly composed of motor, residue slurry pump, cyclone, vibrating screen, rinse tank and recycling box.
2. Working Procedure: the compound of sand and water is transported to the cyclone by pump, and the fine sand water are effectively separated. Through the recycling box, little fine sand and mud return again to the rinse tank, and then they are exhausted from the discharge hole when the rinse tank liquid level is too high. The material weight concentration recovered by the linear vibrating screen is 70%-85%. Adjusting the fineness module can be realized by changing the pump rotating speed and pulp concentration, regulating the overflow water yield and replacing the grit mouth, thus achieves its three functions-washing, dewater and classification.


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