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Cyclone is an effective classifying equipment. Usually, the classifying accuracy of the small diameter hydrocyclone is higher. So when the large-scale mine needs more strict and careful classification, there is no need for a large diameter cyclone, but for a few small diameter cyclones in parallel or in series, coming into a cyclone set.
Slurry,under pressure, enters into the feeding distributor of the hydrocyclone set through the feeding pipe, and then along the tangent line to enter each cyclone. Under the effect of centrifugal field, the larger particles are thrown to the vessel wall, with the outer vortex moving down, discharging from the lower spigot, to get the coarse granularity sand; fine particles with inter vortex moving up, the riffling and overflow collect in the riffling tank and the overflow tank and respectively discharge from the ruffling tube and the overflow tube.
Cyclone set usually have no less than a cyclone for alternating when it works. classifying fineness (classifying effect) is close to the effect of the same model of cyclone capacity = capacity of a single cyclone× numbers x (80% ~ 85%)

•Cyclone group adopts the same series of cyclone in series, slurry through the feeding pipe into the distributor, the overflow and ruffling respectively into the overflow tank and ruffling tank, and then through the overflow pipe and ruffling pipe into the next process.
•Cyclone made by steel shell lined with wear-resisting rubber. The machine has a high resistance to wear and corrosion resistance.
•The reasonable structure of flow channel and smooth inner surface which make good hydrocyclone classification, simple installation, easy maintenance.

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