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Carbon Regeneration System

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Carbon Regeneration System

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Product Introduction
The regeneration of activated carbon is necessary supporting equipment in metallurgy system and water treatment system, and is widely used in the activation, regeneration and recycling field of activated carbon after absorbing the gold in the carbon-in-pulp (CIP) process, pond leaching process and heap leaching process. It is not only suitable for large and medium mines, but also suitable for promotion in small gold plant. Baisheng carbon regeneration system is your ideal choice to reduce the production costs.
The working principle is after the regeneration activated carbon fed into the hopper and enters the furnace, the carbon will form into flow carbon layer, and the carbon treatment volume will be controlled by the discharging device. According to the moisture content of activated carbon, the residence time is generally 15-25 minutes. The current will be input into the terminal plate through the circuit, and makes the activated carbon self-heat through the flow carbon layer so as to achieve drying, activation and carbonization. The temperature control circuit composed of temperature control circuit composed of temperature measuring elements and temperature controller makes the temperature in the furnace kept at 700-8500C, which is the optimal temperature for regeneration. Some of the moisture carried by the activated carbon will form into high temperature steam at high temperature, flow the surface of the hot carbon continuously, and achieves the regeneration of activated carbon. It is appropriate when the moisture content of the regenerated activated carbon reaches 5% or so.

Depending on the characteristics of carbon and water, activated carbon regeneration furnace can finish the drying, high-temperature carbonization and activation continuously at one time in the self-control current operation. Meanwhile, it keeps the micro positive pressure in the whole regeneration system. After regeneration, the iodine value of the carbon can be restored to over 95%.
The system has the features of high regeneration rate, low consumption, low carbon consumption and reliable operation.

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