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Machinery and equipment industry: the index rose sharply, focusing on logistics and warehouse automation

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Market performance. Last week, the market as a whole rose sharply. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 indices rose sharply, at 3276 points last Friday, or 2.63% for the whole week. The GEM index rose slightly throughout the week, at 2164 points on Friday, and all week or 0.89%, closed. The industry is generally on the rise, including mining, steel, home appliances, communications and other industries. Shenwan Machinery and Equipment Index closed at 1613 points, up 0.24%. Weekly views and investment advice. In 2016, we proposed the layout of the machinery industry from the following aspects: smart devices: amplifiers; QUOT; in China in 2025 as a manufacturing power to make a 30-year strategy first and amp; quot; 10 years & quot; Strategy, key manufacturing areas will receive more policy and financial support, supporting documents will continue to fall, the huge development opportunities ushered in the automated production area. Actively paying attention to the recommendations: Wuyang Technology (300420), Wisdom (300173), Östersund Jinsheng Precision (300083), Helen Zhe (300201). Civil drones: The navigation policy will gradually land in the future, and the last piece of the puzzle will also improve civilian drones. We believe that consumer drones will be the outbreak of future UAVs, the consumer industry's application of drone cost centers moving down, self and airborne increasing demand, for consumer platforms drones will become Internet interfaces, consumption Man-machine requirements will explode; no human-machine industry market applications are recommended in the breeding process: Wright (002076), Germany (002260), Leibai navigation technology (002577) and Weihai Guangtai (002111).